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About Design Awards

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The Queen of Gems Design Awards for Fashion and Jewellery The QBOA offers a forum for talented jewellery and fashion designers and makers with a view to stimulating the creativity of the contemporary Queensland Boulder Opal jewel. The competition aims at showcasing the modern opal jewel through the limitless creative energies of our designers / jewellers; avant-garde ideas and exclusive designs are a must. It promotes boulder opals in general and the QBOA as a “centre of excellence” in particular. The competition is open to professional and non-professional designers, students, graduates, teachers, jewellers, goldsmiths, etc. The categories for the Jewellery Design section are as follows:

  • Category 1: Professional Jeweller
  • Category 2: Emerging Jeweller
  • Category 3: Object Design (that which is not worn on the body)

The categories for the Fashion Design section are as follows:

  • Category 1: Evening Elegance
  • Category 2: Any other item of Apparel (other than jewellery)

Boulder Opal must be the focal point of the piece. Other gemstones (including synthetic gemstones, cultured pearls, Australian timber and shell, etc.) may be used to enhance the design, but must not detract from the main criteria of the piece. A short technical description of the piece and the source of inspiration is to accompany each piece. *

* The technical description should include the materials used to complete the piece. The source of inspiration should include the concept / idea the piece conveys to the maker and their audience. Please send electronically, either in an email or as an attachment, to the QBOA secretary.

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