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Jewellery & Fashion Design Awards Entry Forms



The “Queen of Gems” Boulder Opal Jewellery Design Awards are in celebration of the opal gemstone of Queensland. The design awards focus foremost on the originality to which the Boulder Opal is presented, followed by the craftsmanship of the manufacture, and finally the wearability, and the creative use of opals.

The judges for the awards are chosen from various disciplines to each bring a different expertise to the panel. Apart from our opal and jewellery industry experts, a third judge brings design skills from a background specifically not from jewellery, to give a fresh eye. Our judging is done “blind”, with no identifying marks, etc., and no discussion is entered into while the judging is proceeding. The design committee enters all scores given by the individual judges, and the winner is announced at the evening event of the QBOA Opal Trade Fair.

First prize for Professional Jeweller category: $2000.00

First prize for Emerging Jeweller category: $500.00

First prize for Object category: $500.00

Vince Evert Bursary (Emerging Jewellers only): $300.00

For more comprehensive information, please download and read the terms and conditions, including crucial dates for completed forms, dates for sending completed work, etc.


QBOA Terms & Conditions Jewellery 2018


Authority to Collect Jewellery




The “Queen of Gems” Opal inspired Fashion Design Awards have been in celebration of the opal gemstone of Queensland, and its outback surroundings. The design awards focus foremost on the opal inspiration attributed to the item, followed by the technical skills used to achieve this, and finally, creative flair.

There were two categories in the Fashion section of the awards. The first was an Evening inspired garment for either male or female, and the second was an Open category; items of apparel other than evening wear, accessories, etc.

First prize for Evening Elegance category: $1000.00

First prize for Open category: $500.00

Unfortunately, the Fashion Design Awards will not be held in 2018.







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